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Gran Canaria Car Hire & Travel Information

The Wonders of Canary Islands

Canary Islands are an amazing adventure. There is so much to see in these Spanish islands located just off Africa’s North Western coast. The seven islands are:

  • El Hierro
  •  La Gomera
  •  La Palma
  • Tenerife
  •  Gran Canaria
  •  Lanzarote and
  • Fuerteventura

Each of the islands has outstanding natural wonders.  The geographical features in the island include smooth and tough terrain. You’ll more often than not see groups like families and schools traveling for nature expeditions around the country.

How to enjoy exceptional tours in Canary Islands

Visitors throng the Canary Islands for all kinds of natural attractions. The warm tropical climate, colorful beaches, national parks, mountains, and cities within are some of the popular attractions. It has amazing world heritage sites like the La Laguna for the whole family to enjoy. It is also home to the world’s third tallest volcano the Teide Volcano.  Its mountainous regions have panoramic views.

Tourists travel around its terrain in tour vehicles to get a glimpse of the scenic views. A visit to the most popular national park of Teide is fulfilling. Tour adventures across the seven major islands include views of the steep ocean cliffs.  Every year, there are tens of thousands of visitors in the region. Nightlife and daytime expeditions provide full time fun in the exceptional islands. The region is a perfect place for many activities including golfing, beach sports, diving, mountain climbing, photography, weddings, and family vacations.  This is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Are there special holiday offers for tourists?

Holiday travel in Canary Islands is affordable with all services. Hotels and joints provide scrumptious meals at discount rates for visitors. Tour companies have special rates at affordable rates for all travelers. Canary Islands offer a relaxation like no other. Its largest island of Tenerife has wonderful hotels along its rugged coast and splendid beaches. Tour companies often have amazing holiday offers for a unique experience of the Santa Cruz, and Tenerife pyramids.

How can you move around the Canary Islands?

Cheap car hire takes you all over the islands for sea sports. If you’re a diver you will find the unique marine life a sight to behold. You can find varieties of classic cars for hire for a unique and romantic experience. You can use an off-road car for hire to access active volcano surroundings and spectacular beaches.

Cheap car hire services available in the islands provide all types of vehicles to take you all around these amazing tourist attractions. All you need is a reliable car rental service Tourists travelling in a group or as individuals will save time and money using car rental from the airport. There are also the cheaper car rental services and expedition packages. There are special car rental transport and accommodation offers for sophisticated and simple travelers. Cars in the cheap car hire services come in a wide variety of small and large cars. The spacious vans are excellent for family tours, while buses are suitable for group travel.