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Barcelona Car Hire

Car Hire Search is an independent company that offers car hire in Barcelona. Our quote system compares the rates of most international and local car hire agencies in Barcelona, Spain and let's you make an informed decision on whom to rent from.

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Barcelona Car Hire & Travel Information

With its beautiful Spanish architecture, spectacular sightseeing spots and majestic historical monuments and museums, Barcelona is definitely a tourist’s delight. The remarkable beaches on the Mediterranean Coast take the cake too. If you’d like to discover Barcelona and its various delights at an affordable price, book yourself a car rental with us, sit back and savour the experience.

One of Barcelona’s premier delights, the Harbour Cable connects Barcelona with Mont Juic and offers you a wonderful view of the metropolis skyline as well as the countryside. The Torre San Sebastian Tower and the Columbus Monument are intermediate stopovers and are approximately 100 feet above sea level. A visit to Barcelona is considered incomplete without boarding the Cable Car. With our car hire services in place, we’ll get you to see these sights and many other similar ones at a reasonable price.

Sants MontJuic is well known for its lavish parishes, wonderful Cathedrals and monuments and museums. You may tour around in our car rentals and visit the famous Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Museum, the Olympic and Sports Museum and the Picasso Museum among others. Notable places include The MontJuic Castle, the Avila Wall, Teleferic de MontJuic monument and similar ones. In close proximity is the Mediterranean Coast that has spectacular beaches.

Ciutat Vella means ‘the old town’ in Catalan, and true enough, it possesses several reminders of medieval Spain. The Barri Gottic, the Barceloneta, the La Ribera and the El Rabal are noteworthy attractions here. Ciutat Vella also boasts a beautiful beach about 10 minutes away from the town where sunbathing and snorkelling options are available. Also, the La Rabla is an excellent walkway in the town.

Towards the Central part of Barcelona lies Sant Marti which is the archetypical beach town with its pristine shores, powder sand and private getaways. In addition, there is the l’Aquarium, Europe’s largest aquarium with more than a thousand marine species and several fine dining options. Snorkelling, sunbathing, ferry trips around and lounging are popular activities on the beach.

You also have the beachfront sea walk for a leisurely stroll in the city. For all these attractions and much more including the Spanish museums, Basque country monuments and palaces, choose our car rental services and move around in style!