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Serbia Car Hire & Travel Information

Serbia has had a troubled history, particularly with the break-up of the Yugoslavian countries in the 1990s, but these days the situation is much calmer and it has become an amazing holiday destination. 

The city of Belgrade has emerged nicely from the battering it took during the war and is one of the reasons why Serbia has become popular.  With several great museums and art galleries to visit, as well as restaurants and cafes, the city is quickly becoming a rival to Paris when it comes to culture and nightlife.

However, other cities in Serbia are also very popular with visitors.  Novi Sad is a lively place that is also very picturesque and its location on the Danube puts it right at the heart of the tourist trail.  Alternatively, head north and visit Subotica where you can get a taste of the Hungarian influences on the region and see some beautiful architecture.

Those who are interested in nature could visit the area of Vojvodina, just to the north of Belgrade.  There are some wetlands here that have attracted a variety of bird species and there are also plenty of wooded valleys.  Delve deeper and you’ll find old Orthodox monasteries and a few national parks.

Serbia is a fairly easy country to get around as most of the roads are in very good condition. You just need to take care if you are in rural areas as some of the roads there are not that good.  You can hire a car in Serbia at the airport when you arrive or at one of the outlets in the larger towns and cities.  Just remember that some roads do not have great signage and you have to wear a seat belt at all times.  Your own driving licence should be adequate but you can get an International Driving Permit if you prefer.

An alternative to car hire is to use local transport.  In the cities you can take a metered taxi.  There are official taxis which are marked by a blue taxi sign and sometimes you can negotiate the fare in advance.

You could blend with the locals and opt to get around on a bicycle.  There are bike trails all over the country and it is the ideal way to make the most of the beautiful views.  In fact, some of them will lead you directly into other Balkan countries – perfect if you want to do a little touring.