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Namibia Car Hire & Travel Information

Namibia is a land that has tremendous beauty, from the varied landscapes to the welcoming people.  There are vast deserts, amazing wildlife and beautiful coastline.  A trip here is one that will never be forgotten.

The coastline in Namibia is known as the Skeleton Coast, partly because you can see the remains of old ships rusting away all along the shore.  It sounds very forbidding but it is a very beautiful sight.  The country is also the home of the Himba people who have been much photographed thanks to their love of elaborate hairstyles and ornate jewellery and part of their lands spill into the Etosha National Park – a great favourite among safari enthusiasts and one where you are almost guaranteed to see plenty of wildlife.

There is not a very large population in Namibia so there are not as many towns and cities as you might expect.  The capital city is Windhoek but in size it only matches an average size town that you might see in the UK.  However, it does have a lively night scene, great architecture and great restaurants.  The second city is Swakopmund, which is located on the coast and is a very charming town, with beaches lined with palm trees and many pretty colonial buildings.


Exploring the country is easy as Namibia has probably one of the best road networks in Africa.  However, the main challenge for those who want to hire a car here will be the distance from place to place.  If you do decide you want to drive yourself while you are here you will need to make sure that you fill up with fuel whenever you can as you never know where the next petrol station will be.  If you are heading out into the bush you should make sure that your hire car is a 4x4.  You can use the driving licence issued in your home country for up to 90 days.  Make sure you use your seatbelt at all times and you do not use your mobile phone while you are driving.

You can arrange car rental in Namibia at the airport or in the capital city.  You can sometimes arrange to hire camping equipment along with the car.  If you prefer to travel by taxi you should note that in Windhoek they are generally shared taxis that operate the way you would expect a bus to operate.  There are coach services that link the different towns.