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Morocco Car Hire & Travel Information

Morocco is a country that is a real blend of cultures and religions.  Here you will find both modern outlooks and ancient traditions and it is a country that is attracting increasing numbers of tourists.  It is a very liberal country and one of the main reasons that visitors come here is Marrakech.  This is a bustling city where visitors are welcomed with open arms and it is also home to some of the country’s top attractions.

However, Morocco has a number of other cities that are definitely worth a visit.  Tangier is located in the north of the country and is considered to be the gateway to the rest of Africa.  It is filled with white-washed buildings and sandy beaches.  The city of Casablanca is a very cosmopolitan place, while Agadir is known as a beach resort.  If you prefer to explore inland, the city of Fez is home to a large number of souks.

Modern development is not taking over here.  Cities such as Fez and Marrakech are on the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.  There are plenty of cultural attractions here to keep travellers of all ages happy.

If you want to explore beyond the cities then you can look forward to a range of beautiful landscapes.  The Atlas Mountains divide the country in half and here you can visit Ouarzazate, the Berber city.  Morocco might not be high on your list of destinations for a skiing holiday but there are winter sports resorts in the mountains.

Getting around Morocco is not that difficult.  There is a good road network and continued development on the infrastructure means that car hire could be a good option for most visitors.  However, native drivers pay little attention to road safety and the levels of accidents here are high.  If you have any doubts at all about driving then stick to public transport.  Some of the roads that connect the main cities are actually toll roads so make sure that you carry some cash with you.  Once you venture away from the towns, travelling by road is not that easy, particularly during the winter months.

There are both international and local car rental companies in Morocco.  It is an expensive way to travel though and you need to be at least 18, with many companies preferring to hire to drivers that are at least 21. Licence and insurance documents need to be carried at all times.