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Martinique Car Hire & Travel Information

The island of Martinique was discovered at the end of the 15th century by Christopher Columbus, who described it as ‘the most beautiful country in the world’.  Its beauty has changed little over the centuries so visitors today will not be disappointed.   The island has been in French hands since 1635 and tourism is one of the main industries.  Hundreds of thousands of people visit the island each year.

Most of the inhabitants of the islands have a very mixed ancestry.  Most have a blend of African and French ancestry and both of these can be seen in the traditions, the cuisine and the language today.  The country offers great nightlife and good quality rum, so be sure to try a glass or two while you are here!

Exploring the island is a must during your stay and it is so much easier if you hire a car.  The roads here are good quality so there are no issues with reaching other parts of the island.  There are plenty of car hire facilities on the island and if you prefer you could also hire a bike or a moped.  You should have an international driving permit in place but for most people a full driving licence from their home country will be sufficient with a years’ driving experience.   To hire a car in Martinique you need to be at least 21 years of age.

Not everyone wants to drive themselves so the good news is that taxis are widely available on Martinique.  Most are also very cheap.  There are public bus services too and these cover a large part of the island.  If you want to travel by water you will be pleased to know that there are ferry services that go between Fort-de-France and the bigger resorts including Pointe du Bout and Anses d’Arlet.

It is also good to know that you should have no problem finding somewhere to stay on Martinique.  There is a wide range of hotels on the island but because it is popular as a holiday destination you need to make sure that you arrange your accommodation in advance.  There are small hotels and guest houses for those who are travelling on a low budget.  Alternatively you can pitch a tent – there are few restrictions on camping on the island but there are some established campsites that have full facilities.  The French ‘gîte’ is also a popular accommodation option on Martinique.