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Malta Car Hire & Travel Information

The island of Malta is known for many things and as a result it has become a top tourist destination in Europe.  Located in the Mediterranean, the island has a relaxed café culture, plenty of nightlife and lots of outdoor activities.  It also has a long and fascinating history, so there are also plenty of historical attractions for you to visit.  

The island is right in the heart of the Mediterranean and it is actually part of an archipelago that includes Gozo and Comino, among others.  It is an island that is filled with character. Everywhere you go there are quiet bays, medieval citadels and ornate churches.

Tourists to the island often come because the weather is very good for the majority of the year.  The clear waters mean that it is also a great place to go snorkelling and diving.  It is widely considered that these waters are some of the cleanest in Europe.

The history of the island can be traced back around 7000 years.  The concentration of historical attractions is one of the highest in the world.  The island is home to prehistoric temples, Roman buildings and catacombs and villages that can trace their history to medieval times.  For several hundred years the island was ruled by the Knights of Malta and they created a lot of interesting buildings and architecture here.  Over the centuries the island has been ruled by the Romans, Greeks, Arabs and even the Normans.

British rule came much later and the influence of the British can be seen everywhere.  English is now an official language on the island and visitors from the UK will recognise features such as the red letter boxes and phone boxes.  However, the local traditions have survived and there are plenty of festivals that take place across the island each summer and traditional Maltese and Mediterranean foods feature heavily on restaurant menus.

The English influence can also be seen when you drive.  Malta is one of the few remaining European countries that still drive on the left-hand side of the road.  If you are hiring a car in Malta you will be pleased to know that all the main roads are fairly good quality although some of the rural roads might not be in such good condition.

There are both local and international car hire firms on Malta and you can arrange hire at the airport.  You will also be pleased to know that the island has some of the lowest rates for car hire in Europe!