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Tourists are much more common in South Korea now than they used to be.  While the country is known for its leadership in technological development, there are also plenty of attractions to keep the average tourist happy.  In the cities you will be able to see the evidence of modern development, but at the same time you can see the ancient traditions that are going strong today.  There is a unique set of customs here that you should be aware of but if you are a respectful person who is polite and friendly, you will be welcomed by the locals.

The capital city is Seoul and here you will find a number of historical attractions.  Visitors see buildings like the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seodaemun Prison and the gate of Namdaemun.  All of these are located among the more modern buildings and shopping centres.  Seoul is a great place to go shopping if you want to take a few souvenirs home. 

If you want to venture outside the capital you will find plenty more temples, palaces and fortresses to visit.  In Gyeongju there are burial mounds of the country’s ancient kings and in Busan there is the Seokbulsa Temple that was carved from a rock.  You can even venture to the demilitarised zone, the strip of land that separates South Korea from the north.  There are armed guards on both sides of the division in a setting that would not look out of place in a film – not your traditional tourist attraction but one that can help to understand the issues in this country. 

South Korea also has a good range of natural attractions, with national parks, beautiful beaches and mountains that are just waiting to be explored.  The uniqueness of the country also stretches to its cuisine, with plenty of top quality restaurants serving local specialties like kimchi – a dish of pickled cabbage.

The modernity of South Korea means that the road infrastructure is good.  The majority of roads are good quality but you do need to watch out for other drivers as the standard of driving is not always that great.  In the cities there is a huge amount of traffic to deal with too.  However, if you want to explore further afield then car hire could be just what you need.  There are good roads linking all the main towns and cities but if you are concerned about the traffic then you can choose car rental with a driver included.