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Rome Car Hire & Travel Information


 The airport in Rome is also known as "Leonardo Da Vinci Airport". Rome Flumicinio Airport (FCO) is the most important airport in Rome and always very busy with over 30 million passengers a year. The airport is 26 kilometres from the southwest of Rome and good accessible by car. There is a ring road around the capital of Rome. If you want to take the chance to see more than the city center of Rome, you can hire a car before your trip.

A much smaller airport is the Ciampino Airport (CIA), which also has a second name "Giovan Battista Pastine Airport". This one is 15 kilometres to the southeast of Rome. Since there is no train or bus station to the airport, it is recommendable to rent a car at this airport.


Two of the cheap cost airlines are RYANAIR and EASY JET who frequently fly to the airports in Rome. Especially in the winter time there are really cheap offers for a nice trip to one of the beautiful European cities.


When you hired a car you should need to know that parking in Rome city centre is quite a challenge. So there are a lot of parking guides which offers parking directly close to public transport to the city centre. If you need to park your car over the night there are also cheap overnight parking providers like 'Es Park Giolitti', 'Piazza Cavour 36' or 'Garage Tuscolo'.

Public transport:

The bus connection and network is extensive and works quite well, but the metro / subway is even simpler for the short-term visitors.  The tickets for public transportation must be purchased in advance from tabacchis, newsstands, bars, or vending machines at metro and major bus stops. The hundreds of different bus lines are running from 5:30am until midnight. And more than twenty nightlines are working from 00:30am to 5:30am.

The Roman metro only has two lines, the A red and B blue line. The blue line stops at Termini Central Station.


Here is a list of the top 5 to do when you visit Rome. Of course there is much more to see but here you have the first ideas where to go.

1. Colosseum - the famous amphitheatre that is bigger than every football stadium you have visited.

2. Roman Forum - the Roman Ruins were once on its time a marketplace.

3. Vatican City - is the smallest independent international state in the world.

4. Vatican Museums - this is inside the Vatican City and makes sense to see with a guided tour.

5. Palatine Hill - this is the source of Rome where have lived over 1000 people since BC.