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Israel Car Hire & Travel Information

Israel is one of those countries that has a strong appeal, thanks to its fascinating history.  The Holy Land attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, despite the political turmoil in the region. The Mount of Olives and the Sea of Galilee can both be found here and there are many other sites of religious importance.  This is a country that is important not only to Christians but to Muslims and Jews too. 

The city of Jerusalem has long been claimed by both Israel and Palestine.  The skyline of the city is stunning, filled with minarets, bell towers and the Al Aqsa Mosque’s golden dome.  There are Arabic, Jewish and Christian sections of the city and this means that the cultural influences of the city are varied.  There are restaurants here serving cuisines from all over the world.

Tel Aviv is a very different city.  Filled with skyscrapers and busy streets, there are also some sandy beaches and world class restaurants.  The city of Jaffa is also a real contrast.  This is a port city that is filled with markets and cobbled streets.  Other ancient cities include Nazareth and Akko. 

When you want to get around during your trip to Israel you can opt for car hire.  Most of the well-known car hire companies can be found here but there are also local car rental services in Israel.  You need to make sure that you have an international driving licence in order to rent a car.  Most of the roads are good quality but in the larger towns and cities there is a lot of traffic.  Road signs are in English as well as Hebrew and Arabic.

Another option is a taxi and you can choose either a shared cab or a private one.  You can book these in advance or just hail them on the street but you need to be aware that during Shabbat the taxis are more expensive.  If you want to see the cities at a much slower pace, consider hiring a bicycle.  Israel has put a number of cycle paths in place including one that takes you from one side of the country to the other.   However, comfortable and reliable buses and coaches are a very popular form of public transport in Israel.  There are both local and long-distance services but there is little coverage to rural areas so you need to make other arrangements.