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Keflavik Car Hire & Travel Information


Keflavik is a small town in Iceland, which is known above all because it has the country's only international airport. The international airport of Keflavik processes some 2 million passengers each year. There are regular connections to six cities in the United States and to over 20 cities in Europe, including Amsterdam. The airport processes exclusively international flights; domestic flights depart from Reykjavik Airport, near the the capital.

To visit :

Soak, Natural geothermal springs give Iceland an unending supply of hot water and for centuries, Icelanders have relaxed in the soothing, natural hot baths found all over their country. To enjoy the full experience, come soak at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's world-famous spa that combines the purity of our water with a beautiful volcanic landscape. Midpoint is the point situated halfway between North America and Europe. It is located in the south-western part of the country, in Keflavik. It is a common stop on the way for those traveling to or from the airport or the Blue Lagoon. Combines are two huge tectonic plates of Europe and Africa. This is the only place in the world where you can so accurately observe such a geological phenomenon. Nearby are also picturesque glaciers.


Iceland has unique wildlife. It is home to the largest population of puffins in the world and devoted birdwatchers flock to our shores to see dozens of rare species up close. Waters are home to a range of whales and dolphins while arctic fox. 

Traffic and parking:

Please be advised car lights have to be switched during the day. If you go into the interior, keep in mind that many roads are made of gravel. Driving on gravel roads is different from driving on noraml roads. If you drive to fast you may lose control of your car and also damage the vehicle. if you are renting the car , please ask what the road condition is before departing,