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Paris Car Hire & Travel Information

Paris capital of France, also known as the city of Light. Paris is one of the biggest capital cities of Europe with more than 12 million people living in the metropolitan area. Paris is situated on the Seine River, in the north of France.

Paris is divided in 20 districts in French called arrondissements, each district has their own unique character, at any news stand you can buy a map which is called ¨Paris Pratique par Arrondissement¨, which makes exploring Paris easier.

How to get to Paris

Paris has two International Airports, Charles de Gaulle International Airport (Roissy) CDG and Orly International Airport ORY

Charles de Gaulle International Airport, is the main airport of Paris, the airport is located in the north of Paris and is the 4th busiest airport in the world. Charles de Gaulle Airport is connected by train, bus and taxi so it is very easy to get form the airport to the city center. 

Orly Airport, this airport is smaller than Charles De Gaulle, it is mainly used by Air France for Domestic Flights and European Airlines for international flights within Europe.  Orly Airport is connected with Paris by Bus and Train. By bus it takes you about 40 minutes to get into Paris Downtown. You can also take the train the ¨Orlyval¨ which runs every 4 to 7 minutes, which takes you in 30 minutes to the central area metro stations of Paris.

If you travel plans are also exploring the rest of France beyond Paris, you can easily rent a car, at both Airports all major car rental agents have a desk at the airport. 

By Train, Paris has many train stations and is well connected to the rest of Europe, From Gare du Nord High Speed trains are arriving and departing to Belgium, The Netherlands, West Germany and the United Kingdom. 

From Gare De L´Est many High Speed Trains are arriving and departing to Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Russia and Belarus.

Many bus companies offer direct routes to and from Paris, for example Eurolines offer direct routes from Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Taking the bus is one of the cheapest way to travel however a much longer journey.

Get Around in Paris

The best way and the cheapest way to get around in Paris is by foot, also the Metro is very popular and used by many. It is possible to cross the entire city by foot in only a few hours, but only if you do not get distracted by the many shops and cafes! By exploring Paris by foot you see the most beautiful and historic buildings and monuments Paris has to offer.

Paris has 16 metro lines, every 2-3 minutes arrives and departs a metro train. The first metro goes at 5.30 in the morning and the last metro arrives at 01.15 am every day. 

What to see and what to do in Paris

Paris has the reputation of being the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, due to its river the seine and many historical buildings and monuments. One of the must have to be seen, Eiffel Tower, no other monument better symbolizes Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, an impressive Gothic Cathedral one of the biggest cathedrals of Paris. Sacre Coeur, a church situated on top of the highest point in Paris, behind of the church is the famous square Montmarte, where artists trying to sell their paintings.

Paris has also plenty of museums and galleries, the one of the most famous one is The Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa and many other famous paintings.

If you like theater Paris is the place to be, The Paris Opera offers many different performances from Ballet to Caberet