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Helsinki Car Hire & Travel Information

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, Helsinki is one of the northernmost capitals of Europe, the best time to visit Helsinki is in summer, when it is not too cold so you can enjoy this beautiful city with sunshine. Because from November all the way up to March it is dark and freezing in Helsinki.


In 2002 together with 12 Member States of the European Union Finland introduced the EURO. 

How to get to Finland

Helsinki has an International Airport called Helsinki Vantaa International Airport (HEL) the airport is located in Vantaa 18 km from the north of Helsinki. The Airport has 2 terminals, connected by a short walkway.

Helsinki has a central railway station, at the central railway station you can take international trains from and to Moscow and Sint Petersburg. The central train station of Helsinki is connected to all other main train station throughout Finland. Also this train station is connected to the metro and tram lines.

The Expressways connects Helsinki with the main cities of Finland and Saint Petersburg (Russia)

At the central bus station of Helsinki international and local buses arrive and depart, the low cost local bus operator Onnibus operates with many lines and they are rapidly extending. From Saint Petersburg, Russian Mini buses take you in 10 hours to Helsinki. 

Public Transport in Helsinki

Public Transport company in Helsinki is called HSL, the best thing to do is to buy a single ticket, this ticket allows you to travel in almost any public transport, metro, bus, tram etc. In the summer you can also use the HSL Suomenlinna Ferry to visit various islands near Helsinki

Things to do and see in Helsinki

Helsinki has many parks you can visit, the most famous and largest park is Central Park just North of the Olympic Stadium. Also several churches and cathedrals can be found in Helsinki, the Luthern Cathedral is one of them. Helsinki has a good choice of Museums and Galleries more than 20 in total.

The Serena Water Amusement Park is one of the largest indoor water parks of the Nordic Countries, in summer the 1000m2 outdoor area is open.