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Car Hire Search is an independent company that offers car hire in Sörvagur. Our quote system compares the rates of most international and local car hire agencies in Sörvagur, Faroe Islands and let's you make an informed decision on whom to rent from.

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Sörvagur Car Hire & Travel Information


One of the 18 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and territory of Denmark is Faroe. If you like nature, this is an extraordinary place to be. Late may or early june is the perfect time to visit this colourfull island if you dont like mass tourism.

Most places are well connected by paved roads, and moving around this small island is mostly easy. You can use the channel bridge to travel between the islands. Public transportation works well here. Inhabitants do speak English even though it has its own language.

Renting a car can be a smart thing to do because some of the places are not well reachable by public transportation. If the weather is good we advise you to go and see The Vestmann bird cliff which can best be reached by car.