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Czech Republic Car Hire & Travel Information

The Czech Republic is widely considered to be one of the most fascinating countries to visit in Europe.  It is a small country but it really does offer everything you need for a memorable trip.  From its historical features to the beautiful national parks, it sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

A must for visitors is the capital city of Prague.  It is often called the ‘city of a thousand spires’ and it has a real olde-worlde feel to it as it is filled with churches, medieval buildings and bridges and cobbled streets.  In addition to its castle, there are plenty of historic monuments that visitors can go and see, but the city has also become known as a place for a great night out thanks to the old breweries, jazz clubs and amazing restaurants.  The city has become a popular destination for stag and hen weekends and for people who just want a short city break somewhere a little different.

However, so many people only ever visit Prague and don’t take the time to explore further out.  Take advantage of car rental services and visit some of the attractions outside the city.  These include the hot springs located at Karlovy Vary and the Karlstein gothic castle.  For those who have slightly macabre tastes a trip to Kutna Hora will allow you to visit the church constructed from human bones.  Alternatively, visit Plzen, the birthplace of pilsner beer.   

Those who want to tour the country (so much easier with a rental car!), there is the Monrovia region of the country which is primarily a wine-growing region.  The cities of Brno and Olomouc also have a lot to offer and you can really see the traditional side of Czech life here.  Those who want an adventure holiday could spend time in the Krkonose Mountains or go to visit the rock formations of Cesky Raj.  Sumava National Park is a popular visitor attraction too for those who like hiking or mountain biking, but for those who have an interest in history, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cesky Krumlov.

The currency here is the koruna, which is divided into 100 haler.  However, most major credit cards are accepted around the country.  Just note that if you are in a shop and only paying a small amount they may prefer to have cash.  When you are using an ATM then it will have an English option for you.