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Cyprus Car Hire & Travel Information

Cyprus is an island nation that truly represents the Mediterranean.  With plenty of sandy beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, olive groves and terracotta houses, there is little wonder it is popular with tourists.  Over the last few decades there has been a great deal of development on the island and it is now filled with holiday resorts, although there are still a few quieter places if you prefer something a little more tranquil.

Cyprus has always been one of those countries that has been argued over.  This is partly due to the location as it is close to both Europe and Asia and it was considered to be the ideal stronghold.  Empire builders from various parts of the globe have left their mark on this island, with ancient ruins from the Greeks and Romans, castles built by the Crusaders, city walls constructed by the Venetians and mosques and minarets created by the Ottomans.  There are plenty of excursions organised by hotels and other groups but car hire would give you the freedom to see what you want to see and when you want to see it.  

It was in the 1970s that a war took place that divided Cyprus so now it has a Greek section and a Turkish section.  The Greek Republic of Cyprus is the southern part of the island and it is here that you will find that tourists gather as it has modernised at the same rate as other European nations.  However, only Turkey recognises the Turkish section of the island and development here has not gone at the same pace so there is a great deal of isolation and most tourists avoid it.

The top tourist resorts in Cyprus include Ayia Napa, Limassol and Paphos although there are now many more emerging.  These are mainly along the southern coast of the island and you will find it typical of many Greek holiday destinations with whitewashed villas, nightclubs and lots of young people on the beaches.  Head for the northern coastline to find more secluded beaches to enjoy. 

Those who want a taste of typical island life will need to venture further inland.  Opt for Cyprus car rental to make travelling around easier and you will find that there are amazing villages that are filled with beautiful sights.  The island is home to a large number of old churches that are now listed by UNESCO, mountain trails that are perfect for hiking and vineyards that date back to ancient times.