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Dubrovnik Car Hire

Car Hire Search is an independent company that offers car hire in Dubrovnik. Our quote system compares the rates of most international and local car hire agencies in Dubrovnik, Croatia and let's you make an informed decision on whom to rent from.

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Dubrovnik Car Hire & Travel Information

About the city:

It is an attractive city in Croatia and because of its mild climate popular to make holidays all over the year. There is a lot to see, so you have the possibility to be flexible if you rent a car. If you stay a bit longer you have the perfect opportunity to visit other cities in Croatia like Split, which is 165km to the northwest of Dubrovnik.

Airport and Airlines:

The Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is also called “Čilipi Airport” and it is located 20 kilometers to the south of Dubrovnik. Airlines like RYANAIR and easyJET have also in the high season cheaper flights. Since at the airport the local car hire agents are more expensive it make sense to rent your car before your trip and save some money.


Only in the “old city center” of Dubrovnik is totally traffic free. For this reason you can’t drive there. The city buses are allowed to drive there. You can find it in “public transport”.

If you have decided to rent a car and be more independent, you will find one of the public parking. For example only 5 minutes walk from the old city center there is the newly built Public Garage located at Ilijina Glavica (Zagrebačka ulica bb).

Public transport:

The network of the city busses is quite well. “Libertas” is the lead company and has modern buses that take you to every destination in the city. Your bus tickets for the city buses everywhere in the city, which are valid for 1 hour. Buying a ticket in the bus is slightly more expensive.

Sight seeing:

One of the top things to see is the Dubrovnik Cathedral. Today’s 18th-century baroque structure stands on the site of previous cathedrals.

The city walls of Dubrovnik encircle the whole city and the construction started already in the 9th century.

The “Trsteno Arboetum” is a lush botanic park in the town Trsteno. There are extraordinary plants that are older than 500 years.

The Dubrovnik Synagogue is the oldest Sephardic Synagogue in the world, which is still in use.