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Costa Rica Car Hire & Travel Information

Those who have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica should definitely do so!  This is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, filled with rainforests, volcanoes, fast-flowing rivers and as much beach as you could want.  It is also one of the most peaceful in the world too – Costa Rica has no standing army.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit if you are interested in preserving the environment as Costa Rica is leading the way in eco-tourism.  A quarter of the country now has protected status – no other country has this much protected land.  The national parks here are a real jewel in the country’s crown and you can observe a wide variety of landscapes within them.  The sacred national bird is the quetzal, found within the cloud forests of Monteverde.  All of the native monkey species can be found within the coastal rainforests of Cocovado and for wild cats head to the Nicoya Peninsula, where you can also spend some time spotting whales and dolphin off-shore.

However, the country also has plenty to offer if you prefer an adventure holiday.  Spend some time quad biking, whitewater rafting or surfing.  Alternatively hike around one of the many volcanoes that sit along the country’s spine or just spend some time exploring the national parks on foot.   

You could also take the time to explore a city or two.  Head for the downtown area of San Jose where you can people watch in one of the many cafes or explore a museum or two or explore the towns and villages along the coast.  Getting around the country is easy thanks to local car hire services.  However, you need to note that most roads in the country are not great quality so you need to take care when you are driving in Costa Rica. 

If you do decide to opt for Costa Rica car rental then you should make sure that you have an international driving permit, although in most cases a driving license from your home country should be sufficient.  You also need to be over 21 and be prepared to pay a large deposit for the hire of the car.  Check before you set off to make sure that the car has a good quality spare tyre as the quality of the roads mean that the chances of having to change a tyre are much higher than usual!