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Punta Arenas Car Hire & Travel Information

Punta Arenas is located in Extreme South of Chile. Its history and economic growth is based on maritime commerce, oil extraction, and sheep breeding.

Get in

There are frequent buses from Ushuaia, Argentina, that will bring you to the city in about 11 hours. The trip has interesting scenery and is far less costly than flying; the flight from Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas is overpriced mainly because of its international flight designation.

Get around

You will only need transportation for lengthier trips outside the city. For these trips, you can ask for a cab (taxi) or a minivan (minibus). 

What to see

Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, a Salesian Society museum of natural history and pre-Hispanic ethnic groups.

Punta Arenas Cemetery. Dates back to 1840's, with many local aristocratic families and European immigrants, particularly english and croatians. It is internationally famous for its magnificent mausoleums, european architecture and shaped cypress trees. Sara Braun, the woman who donated the terrain, asked in her last will to be the last person who ever passed through the main door, and so the door remains sealed until today. Every person who wishes to visit the cemetery must access through a lateral entrance.

Nao Victoria Museum. Is a brand new museum, aiming to rebuild the most important ships in the discovery and the colonization of the territories along the Strait of Magellan. It hosts 3 replicas: Nao Victoria (Magellan's ship), James Caird (Shackleton's lifeboat) and Schooner Ancud (Goleta Ancud), first boat to send settlers from Chiloe to the Strait of Magellan. Recently the museum announced the building of the 4th ship, the HMS Beagle.

Out of town:

Puerto del Hambre, an early Spanish colony which failed and under the name of Port Famine became a Royal Navy base. It was here that Captain Pringle Stokes, the captain of HMS Beagle, shot himself in his cabin due to severe depression and temporary command was given to Lieutenant W.G. Skyring. Stokes' fatal depression was attributed to the boring nature of the local geography.
Fauna Patagónica "Estancia Lolita," a beautiful place for watching different species of native animals and birds.
Visit Pali Aike National Park.

What to do 

Ski, Torres del Paine Trekking, visit Porvenir (by ferry) or Puerto Natales (by bus).