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Chile Car Hire & Travel Information

A trip to Chile is one that you will never forget.  This long and narrow country is very different to any other that you will find in South America.  The Andes mountains form a natural border between Chile and its near neighbours, Argentina and Bolivia.  It also has a natural border with Peru in the form of the Atacama Desert.  There is the potential for a strong feeling of isolation here but at the same time it is a welcoming and friendly nation.    

So what are your options for a break here?  Car rental in Chile means that you can take a road trip on the Carretera Austral or you could spend time in one of the country’s beautiful national parks.  Others come to Chile to make the most of the surf around Punta de Lobos at Pichilemu.  In fact, if you want an adventure holiday there are not many better places that you could consider.

However, you should not be put off if adventure holidays are not your thing.  Chile is also filled with amazing vineyards for you to visit and there is a great arts scene for you to consider.  The Mapuche Indian heritage of the country is also strong in many place so if you are interested in tradition this is a great place to start.

Why not make Santiago your starting point for your break?  The country’s capital city is vibrant with trendy and bohemian districts for you to explore along with plenty of great tourist attractions.  Car rental will help to make it easier for you to get around everything that Santiago has to offer, from the chance to pick up a few souvenirs in one of the many unique shops or to visit all the museums and galleries.  

You could also add on to your itinerary the Patagonian region, known for its wilderness and great natural beauty.  Alternatively there are the waterways of Tierra del Fuego, dotted with magnificent glaciers and you could even consider a trip to Easter Island to see the unique sculptures. 

All of this explains why Chile has been a backpacker’s dream for a number of years now and if you want to travel on your own you will find plenty to keep you occupied.  The great sights here mean that people want to come back time and time again – mainly because they think that other destinations are no comparison!