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Car Hire Search is an independent company that offers car hire in Sofia. Our quote system compares the rates of most international and local car hire agencies in Sofia, Bulgaria and let's you make an informed decision on whom to rent from.

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Sofia Car Hire & Travel Information


A very dynamic city and the capital of Bugaria with 1.4 million inhabitants. Its famous for its communist-style architecture and many orthodox churches. It has a pretty good developed ski resorts. Its posssible to combine a city sight seeing holiday and snow sports all in a day.

Its an ancient city with rivers crossing through the whole city and ruins throughout the city center. You can go by foot or by bicycle which allows you to move much faster. There are many natural mineral water springs and you can find some outside swimming pools also since the temperature can reach 35C in the summer.

Driving a rental car in Sofia can be quite hectic for most people but a nice way to explore the city.