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Sarajevo Car Hire & Travel Information

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, nestled in a valley within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Four distinct seasons with warm or hot summers and cold winters. Sarajevo is basically on the mountain so winters can be slightly colder here than in other capital cities in the region. You should not be surprised if you see some snow in mid October, but also sometimes in May, although it rarely occurs and stays on the ground for a very short period. Autumn can be cool, but during that period Sarajevo is very foggy and gray with little bit of sunshine.

Hitch hiking

If you have trouble getting out of Mostar, change the sign to Jablanica where traffic will branch of NW to Banja Luka and then hitch on to Sarajevo from Jablanica. 

By foot

Sarajevo is a compact city so ideal to explore by foot.

By public transport

The center of Sarajevo is served by a spinal tram network which makes a counter clockwise loop around the central district. This tram network opened in the mid-1870s and was the first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Tickets should be purchased in advance from kiosks labeled tisak on the street or from the driver, where they cost slightly more (around 1.80KM). Tickets should be validated upon boarding the vehicle and are valid for a one way trip only. Changing tram or bus means validating a new ticket. 

If you are planning to visit some neighborhoods not situated along the main boulevard you should use taxi since small buses are not so frequent and sometimes schedule is not respected. The best solution for travelers who are visiting Dobrinja or East Sarajevo is a trolleybus that runs regularly between The Square of Austria (very downtown) and Dobrinja. Trolleybus is very convenient for all visitors that arrive at the East Sarajevo Bus Station.

Please have in mind that tram and bus tickets are not valid for trolleybuses - you will have to buy another ticket and this ticket is valid for a one way trip.

By taxi

Be careful when taking taxis from the main railway or bus station and the airport. Many accommodation options will offer a pickup from wherever you arrive, and this is usually free or at a very minimal cost.