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Barbados Car Hire & Travel Information

Barbados is a beautiful beach island in the Caribbean, nicknamed ‘Little Britain’, as it has an unmistakable English influence in its architecture, cuisine and culture. A trip to Barbados would mean a day out in the sandy beaches, a trip to the boulevards in the city and exploring the various natural sights the place has to offer. Our car rental services will help you to tour this charming island in splendour at very affordable prices.

An upcoming metropolis in Barbados, Bridgetown offers historical sites such as the Barbados Museum, The Cheapside Market, St. Mary’s Church and the Parliament offices. Also worth mentioning is the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where you get to see the various wine exhibits as well as gain an insight into the preparation of rum.

Bridgetown also has several beaches in its vicinity, all of which are barely an hour away from the city on the East or West Coast. Our experienced car hire services help you get around Bridgetown and explore its various attractions.

Southern Barbados is full of beaches, the sand, artificial harbours, coves, surfing sites and fishing resorts and hence is the most popular destination in Barbados. It is possible to organise several adventure sport options like scuba diving, double kayaking, swimming with the turtles and dolphin watching on the ocean at reasonable rates. Wind Surf is the prime surfing location in Barbados.

The cuisine at Southern Barbados is marvellous and consists of mostly fish and other seafood with wine.

With parishes and old monuments dotting the area, Western Barbados offers the much needed calm and quiet as opposed to the cacophony in the South. St. James Parish Church is the oldest church in Barbados, being built in the early 1600s. The Holetown monument is also a notable attraction and features splendid views across the countryside. By choosing car hire you can explore this beautiful and serene part of the island at your leisure.

You’ll find natural beauty at its best in North-eastern Barbados with hilly cliffs, caves and springs adorning the area. The Gun Hill Station Signal is a famous vantage point offering fascinating views and the Harrison’s Cave is a huge limestone cave with attractive interiors in the area. There are considerably few restaurants in this terrain and you would have to head west or south to grab a bite, or take a picnic lunch along.

With our reliable car hire services in tow, enjoy the scenic beauty of Barbados and have a great holiday.