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Australia Car Hire & Travel Information

Australia is seen as a land of big adventure and this is one of the reasons why, when people go there for a holiday, they do not just go for a week or two.  Most will spend three or four weeks there, exploring the country and taking the time to do everything that they have dreamed of.  Another reason is the distance – for most people from Europe, getting to Australia can mean travelling for 24 hours or more, depending upon the route, so they really want to make the most of the time that they have when they get there.

Cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are ideal if you want to spend a little time on retail therapy while you are here.  Indulge in some of the traditional Aussie pastimes such as a BBQ on the beach or watching a cricket match, or just take the time to explore.  All of the major cities have great museums, theatres and other cultural attractions. 

Alternatively you can explore further inland, where the terrain could make you feel as though you have stepped out onto another planet.  Vast open and empty areas of the country can make you feel as though you are the only person for miles.

However, it is these differences that can make Australia a fascinating place to be, but remember that it is not that easy to get around due to the sheer size of the country.  Many Australians use domestic flights to get from one city to another as it is simple and saves so much time.   If you want to get around by road you need to be aware that there are some vast distances that you might have to cover.  For example if you want to drive from Sydney to Melbourne then you will be racking up the miles on your rental car as it is 650 miles one way. 

Car rental in Australia is easy to arrange but you also need to be aware of the road quality.  Some of the roads in remote areas of the country are poor quality and you really need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to navigate them safely.  Most of these roads do not get a lot of traffic.  If you are travelling any distance, make sure that you have supplies of food, water and additional fuel because you might need them.   Car hire is available to those aged 21 and over.