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Cordoba Car Hire

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Cordoba Car Hire & Travel Information

Cordoba Airport car rental and travel information

Cordoba is a popular city which is in the heart of Argentina.  It can be found close to the Sierra Chicas Mountains, but it is a fair distance from Buenos Aires at 435 miles.  It is one of the largest cities in the country and dates back to the 16th century.  It was named after the city of the same name in Spain.  There is plenty to see in the region with a wide variety of historical monuments and there is a section of the city which has been given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Opting for car hire is a must for those who want to get around in comfort, particularly if you want to explore outside the city.

It is the Jesuit City Block which has been given the status of World Heritage Site.  The Jesuits were a strong presence in the city when it was founded and there are many features in the city which date from that time.  Parts of the Jesuit heritage have fallen into ruin and are gradually being taken over by the jungle.

Visit Cordoba by car rental and see the city highlights

The city is also home to the oldest university in the country, also founded by the Jesuits.  The city has a large student population and the buildings are a fine example of the architecture from this era.  This also means that there is plenty in the way of nightlife with a variety of bars and restaurants.  The city is known for its steak houses and trying the local cuisine is a popular option with tourists.

Getting around Cordoba

Car hire is a great way to get to the smaller towns which are dotted around the city and those who enjoy walking or horse riding will find plenty of trails which are just waiting to be explored, although there are plenty of luxury relaxation options for those who want to be pampered at a spa.  Sporting activities remain the most popular option though and these include fishing, mountain biking and paragliding for the very adventurous.  If this is your thing, head to La Cumbre which is home to many different sporting centres.

Cordoba car rental is a great way to get around and it can be arranged with relative ease so that the vehicle is ready and waiting for you on arrival at Cordoba airport.  With public transport options outside the city a little limited, this is a great way for getting from one place to another with little hassle.