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Albania Car Hire & Travel Information

Thanks to low cost airlines, countries like Albania are getting more visitors each year. It was once a nation ignored by many travellers, but for those who took the time to check it out, found that the country was beautiful and had so much to offer.

The Albanian Riviera is the place to be in the summer. The natural beauty of Albania’s coast can rival that of its near neighbours such as Italy, Croatia and Greece, and as such sees many visitors from these countries, and have been doing for many years. Tourists from other countries are missing out, not only are their some of the best beaches in the Med located here, holidays prices are much less than those of the more popular counterparts. The end of season, September, is perhaps the best time to visit the country as there are less tourists and you can virtually have the whole beach to yourself. For those looking for a quiet getaway then this is recommended.

You don’t have to stick to the coast though, as there are a great many sights and attractions to see inland. Car rental in Albania is easy too. You can choose your hire car online so that it is ready and waiting for you at your chosen airport on your arrival. By opting for Albania car rental you can see sights such as Berat, which shouldn’t be missed.

Berat is known as ‘A city of a thousand windows’ because the stone houses, which date back to the Ottoman era, seem to have an unending amount of windows overlooking the city. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and from first sight you can see why. It may be a little off the beaten track, but it is certainly worth a visit. Be sure to have a fully charged camera ready.

The ancient city of Berat is set in a stunning landscape with Mt Tomorr as its biggest landmark. The mountain is popular with hikers and cyclists alike and gets relatively busy in the summer months. There are some paths that are accessible for cars to drive part way up, but as the roads are not the most well-built then it is not considered a safe road to drive. You may want to consider hiring a bicycle to get to the top so you don’t miss out on the fabulous views across this lovely country.